Friday, 31 July 2015

Mesh Body Addicts Fair Has The Fix

Ello again Me Loves!

So, I have news of a brand spanking new event about to open its doors \o/
Tomorrow brings us the Mesh Body Addicts Fair, and its - yeps, you guessed it - for all us mesh body users, centered around both fitmesh items and mesh body appliers.  Actually most of the stuff I have seen so far will also work with the default avatar, but how many of those are still about, right?
It's not just for us girlies either, there are guys stores too! Cant leave the men out!
There are tons of clothes, tatts, cosmetics, skins, shoes, you name it - if you can wear it with a mesh body, it's there!
The Mesh Body Addicts fair opens at 12Midnight SLT on Saturday 1st August (mhm - tomorrow - yay!) and I will do my bestest to bring you as many as the exclusive goodies as I possibly can between now and the closing date - 11PM 31st August.

And, that's not all! There will also be a photo contest throughout the duration of the event. The prizes are amaze ::

You can also read more on the official Mesh Body Addicts Blog  HERE 

Ok, so here is my first pick of the goodies at the MBA Fair, and also some cute lil wedge heels from Bens Beauty, Doe's newest gorgeous creation at The Gacha Garden, the (OMFG I miss my FayFay) {Secret Love} at Totally Top Shelf and Things' beautiful new tatt available at Illusion Point ♡

A Tranquil Heart

Hey Girlies ♡

Happy Friday!!
My fave day of the week is here! And I have lots to show you, so I hope to be able to spend lots of time blogging over this weekend \o/

So, first up we have gorgeous news from {Vision} - S&F at Aloha Fair. The Fara mesh dresses are available in 14 colours and include a  hud to change the colour of the straps and bottom frills.
We also have news from HighRize at Fi*Fridays. The Beaux's Summer Sandals  include 2 versions, the flats shown here, and a platform version. Each pack includes 5 colours and 2 metals on a hud, and are for the Slink flat foot.


Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Silence In Your Heart

Heyaaaaa Loves!

So, after my absence over the last couple of days (RL has been super busy - my apologies) did ya miss me? No? Not even a little bit??  I am back, with more goodies for The Lexi Project from Bishes Inc and Forever Young & !nfinity, plus news from Scene at new event The Aloha Fair and a last minute reminder that Oh My Gacha Closes its doors tomorrow, be quick if you wanna snaffle those late gacha goodies!

Monday, 27 July 2015

Peace Out

Ello again me lil chucky eggs  ツ

[QE] are back with some far out goodies for the current round of Bewbapalooza.
Comprising of tee, shorts and flip flops, the Far Out sets come in 4 colours, and appliers for Omega/Slink are included.

As a backdrop we have the cute boho style furniture by Luas at Oh My Gacha, with tunes provided by OXI  radio (which is a wicked lil radio, pretuned with tons of stations of all genres) and huge smile provided by Sn@tch's Freeky Khat ♡

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Together We Are Stronger

Ello again Loves ♡

The Lexi Project is open \o/ 

If you haven't heard of the fundraising event in aid of  Lexi Zelin (AngelRED Couture), she was recently diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  You can read her full story here, visit the Lexi Project blog here, the flickr pool here, and facebook page here.

SL is truly an amazing community and the way people - designers especially - have come together to create an amazing event in which to raise funds for such a worthy cause is truly spectacular.  All of the items sold at the Lexi Project are 100% donation, there hasn't been a better reason to get spending those L$ in a long time, right?

I have goodies from {Vision} - S&F and !nfinity at the Lexi Project for this evenings post.
{Vision} - S&F have a new release of their gorgeous Zaarra dresses in new exclusive ombre colours, while !nfinity have brand new fringed heels in 2 colours, each including 6 frills and 2 metals.

The Lexi location has been chockablock since opening, so be sure to keep tapping those TP's, don't miss this very worthwhile event ♡

In other news, Zoz have a gorgeous new - free - manicure at the brand new sim Zozdom,
Zozdom is an adult, but classy Noir sim, and to grab this gift, and others, just join the Zozdom group and enjoy!

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Losin' My Mind

Hey Girlies  ♡

One of the reasons I love location shoots (rather than studio shoots) is visiting the vast array of cleverly designed well thought out sims. When I find a new one I get a lil excited, and kinda want to keep it all to myself, but in the interest of full disclosure I have to share these lil gems.ツ
I very rarely start a post with the location deets, but Ironwood Hills is seriously wicked.  Its a sim packed with features, hidden nooks and crannies, photo ops at every corner, I honestly couldn't choose a spot to take my pics, but I love the lil girl playing hopscotch here. This is a place I will be regularly visiting, and I fully expect to find more and more with each visit.  ツ

So, onto my outfit, which consists of another stonkingly gorgeous hair by Phoenix Hair, a gorgeous new tatt by Things at The Fantasy Collective and a cute lil fitted mesh dress by Supernatural at Oh My Gacha. The Lola dresses also include matching shoes for Slink High feet and stockings with appliers (not shown).

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Timeless Memories

Heya Loves!

We're about half way through the Oh My Gacha event, the lag has died down, but there's still a ton of gacha goodies to get ya grabby lil hands on!
Forever Young have gorgeous slinky lil dresses in their second machine (the first machines romper can be seen here). There are 20 Carlie dresses to play for, 15 common solids and 5 rare ombres. Omega appliers are included.
My cuteh lil elephant bag is by Gaja at OMG. There are 18 to play for, 3 being rare. The bags do include poses, but I have used the new pose pack by BellePoses at Manga Fair today.   The Katheryn poses include kitty ears headbands too that I will show on another post :D

We also have news from Bishes Inc, Eclipse Art Studio, Zoz at The Dressing Room Fusion and Pomposity at Suicide Dollz <3

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Do They Know?

Ello again Lovely Peeps! ♡

More news from the gorgeous Hollipocket, this time at Manga Fair! \o/
The Sweet Kitteh Tops come in packs of 3, are mesh, and include tons of sizes including 2 unrigged versions - 1 with resizer, for the perfect fit.
The Sweet Kitteh skirts again come in packs of 3, but include 2 versions per colour. They too are mesh and include rigged & unrigged versions.
The Sweet Kitteh panties come in packs of 4 colours, and include system undies layers and Omega Appliers.
All Sweet Kitteh stuffs with be at the Hollipocket mainstore after the event ♡

The Manga Fair is also where you will find this cute lil Bow necklace By {Secret Love}. The Celestial Love necklaces include 9 gems, 9 ribbons & 4 metals, and feature lil moons and star dangles  ♡

We also have Zoz currently at 2 other events on the grid.
The first is a gorgeous new fatpack of  pink & purple polishes at Cosmo. The fatpack includes appliers for Slink, Maitreya and Zoz Nails, so mixing your Mani to your Pedi is simples even when you wear different versions of hands & feet at one time \o/
The second are new heels at Fashiontropic. The Malibu shoes are for Slink High feet  ♡

Happy Shopping!

Monday, 20 July 2015

The Lonely Hour

Hey hey pookies,
Lots more news for this evenings posty, with goodies from {Vision} - S&F, Phoenix Hair at Hair Fair, Speakeasy and The Plastik at The End event, Tabou Irresistible at Oh My Gacha, and Glamistry at Kustom 9 ツ

P.S Glad to report that my clothes stayed on tonight - this neighbourhood doesn't look like the best place to lose ya clothes, right? LOL

Happy Shopping!

Moonlight Dreamer

Hey Girlies ♡

I took a moonlit stroll through the forest last night, and would'nt ya know, my clothes fell off!  Don't ya hate it when that happens? LOL
But I do have some sexeh lil items to share that would be hidden had they not fell off, so like I always say, everything happens for a reason, right? ツ

(Lmao c'mon, how else was I gonna introduce this post? ツ )