Friday, 25 July 2014


Ello again Darlings!

I know I promised I wouldn't go M.I.A again, and I fully intended to adhere to that promise, but my week has been so busy, and the weather so unbearably hot, that sitting at the computer has been the last place I wanted to be :o/
But today we invested in a shit-load of fans and so its actually pleasant here now, sipping away at an ice cold G & T, listening to some tunage and tapping away happily at my keyboard :D

So here we are - news from Ploom at My Attic,  Forever Young, Buttery Toast & {Vision} - S&F at The Black Dot Project, Pervette for GFW, plus Bens Beauty & Eclipse Art Studio <3

You may also notice our little friend is still featuring, how can I detach him when he looks so effing cute?

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Walkin On The Beaches, Lookin At The Peaches

Hey Pooks <3

Another summer beachy posty! Good job we're all enjoying the warm weather eh, or we'd be well pissed off with all the summer goodies available!

So, here we have brand spanking newness by the gorgeous Buttery Toast, the sexeh Hollipocket at TBS, and another personal appearance by the cat in the hat - Peabert <3 

Waiting For That Day To Come

Ello again Sweet Cheeks <3

I popped over to Project Limited yesterday, just for a nose - or so I thought - I ended up spending a fortune there! I thought that I may have missed out on all the best limited editions, but there are still tons of exclusives to be snaffled. And seriously some kick ass goodies, although I'm skint now, I have lots of new stuffehs to play with, not least my new little friend here, hes adorbs, he waddles with me when I walk, too cute <3 

Now, to todays outfit, which starts off with a sexeh new hair by Mina at Kustom9. The hair includes both a Materials enabled version and one without, for both normal sized boobs, and big boobs.I am wearing the Materials version here, which is why the hair has super rich shine - love <3

The sexeh slashed pants are by [Q.E] at Suicide Dollz and come in 6 colours. Each colour comes in 2 versions - with and without fishnet under the slashes. Appliers for Cute/Phat Azzes & Ghetto are included.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Summer Meadow

Hey up Chucks!!

For the last couple of posts I have been using a pose pack by {Imeka} that I bought at Kustom9.
Today I toddled off to have a nose at their  mainstore, and I wasn't disappointed. After purchasing my poses, I had a nosey outside, and wew what a pretty sim {Imeka} is situated on, I had to use it as a backdrop for todays posty!
So here we are, in the prettiest meadow,  featuring goodies by Highrize at Fi*Fridays, MoDANNA at TBS, and Ploom at Hair Fair - Lurve <3

Friday, 18 July 2014

Day Trippin'

Hello again Melovelies <3

Still using a crappy keyboard so it still applies - if you see a typo, it completely isnt my fault k? Lol. I just havent had time to get to Shiny New Keyboards R Us yet :D

K, so onto the posty, which features some kick ass bargains by Highrize at Fi*Fridays, each item being 55L, and as usual Highrize has pulled out all the stops :D

Summer Daze

Hey Loves!

Happy Friday!

Well, my shiny sleek and sexeh keyboard decide to die on me today, so I am relegated to using a chunky stone aged monster, that my little hands are struggling to navigate! Every second word I am correcting, so if I do make a mistake that I haven't noticed, please excuse the mess!! A trip to the Shiny New Keyboards R Us shop is called for this evening!

Anyhoo, a lovely summer posty today, including new goodies by {Vision} - S&F at Gatcha Mania  and uber cute bunneh limited edition rings by Hollipocket at Project Limited <3

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Lost & Found

Heya Pookies!

Woot! Humpday already, this week is flying \o/

K so what have we got for today?

How about some sexy new hair by Adoness at The Hair Fair, some more uber cute goodies at The Big Show, and more news from Bens Beauty?
Yeps! Sounds good to me!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Ello Sexehs <3

Hope ya'll having a wonderful Tuesday!

Here we have, *takes a deep breath*  another gorgeous new hair by Ploom at Hair Fair, a new jewellery set at Bens Beauty, more goodies at TBS, a brand spanking new skirt by Forever Young, gorgeous spiked wedges by L.Warwick, and finally, a couple more goodies at OMG, where you only have a very short time to get those gatcha goodies before it closes its doors! Phew! 

So lets see how it all looks :D

Monday, 14 July 2014

Sweet Serendipity

Hey Loves!

If you haven't yet been over to the Manga Fair, there is still time! And [QE] have the cutest lil Unicorn outfit out exclusively in Pink for this sweet event.
The Unico Outfit includes Horn, Tail, Arm Warmers, Necklace, Rings, Bodysuit, and Leg Warmers <3

KOY have 3 new  releases out for Hair Fair. This Lana  hair comes in 5 colour packs and includes both  small and large versions, and as you can see, is perfect to wear with big boobehs \o/

And finally, OMG will be closing its doors on 16th July, so be sure to grab all ya gatcha goodies before then! :D